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Cast Iron Chris Seasoning & Maintenance Compound

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Whether you're restoring cast iron, seasoning your daily users, or maintaining your current collection, our Seasoning & Maintenance Compound will have your cookware looking and performing perfectly for generations! Great for cast iron cookware, carbon steel cookware, Blackstone griddles, wooden cutting boards, and wooden utensils. Developed and exclusively used by Cast Iron Chris.

Our carefully selected ingredients include:

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Locally Sourced Beeswax(NJ)

Less waste, less mess, and easier to store than traditional oils. Our perfect ratio of beeswax allows us to evenly blend dual high-temperature oils for a more optimal seasoning.

Click here to watch the Seasoning & Maintenance Compound in action!


How to use on cookware:

Maintenance: After cleaning and drying, apply a thin layer to the cooking surface with a paper towel or rag. Wipe off excess oil.

Seasoning: Apply a thin layer to the entire utensil. Wipe off excess oil(this is important). Place in 450° oven for one hour. Repeat if needed.

Here's a video on how to use the Compound.

Made in the USA

*Any 'sediment' that may, though not often, appear is a natural occurance from the rendering process of the beeswax, and is completely safe and does not change the function of the Seasoning & Maintenance Compound

**This product is intended only for the use of seasoning and maintaining cast iron and carbon steel cookware, and is not sold, promoted, or intended as a food product and therefore is not under regulation by the FDA/USDA

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    Seasoning & Maintenance Compound

    Posted by Jeff D on 24th Mar 2024

    LOVE IT!! I bought the first to try over a year ago, since I couldn’t seem to get the amount of oil correct. It’s awesome!! This is the second of many more purchases.

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    Slicker than slick!

    Posted by Stuart Anderson on 12th Mar 2024

    I stumbled across Chris’s page on Instagram, and gave him a follow. Hands down a great choice. I have been cooking with Cast Iron for years and always had issues with slight sticking or full blown meals stuck. I gave his compound a try and followed his tips on his page(insta/Y.T.) and no more sticking food or messed up pans! I cook professionally as well, and now use his compound on my Carbon Steel pans and it works wonders on them. Thanks Chris you’re compound is in my kitchen constantly!

  • 5
    Seasoning and maintenance compound

    Posted by Jonathan Brzys on 25th Feb 2024

    I purchased this compound a few months ago and waited to give it a proper chance before I wrote this review. I do not have a name brand cast iron. There is actually no name on it and I’m not sure who manufactured it because I purchased it from a resale shop. I have had this CI pan for several years but rarely used it because everything stuck to it. After using various oils to keep it seasoned after use and having a slight build up happen, I then found Cast Iron Chris’s instagram. I saw his compound and purchased it. After cooking a few meals in the CI and using the compound after to keep it seasoned I noticed an immediate improvement to the CI. After seeing this improvement I decided to run it through 3 rounds of seasoning according to Chris’s recommendation. This morning was the final test when I cooked scrambled eggs for my family. I WAS BLOWN AWAY by how nonstick the CI pan was. Zero of the eggs stuck to the pan and clean up effortless. I highly recommend this product to anyone with any type of cast iron pans from name brand to ones that are mass produced overseas.

  • 5
    Fantastic product!

    Posted by Danielle on 18th Feb 2024

    I’ve had so many issues with seasoning my Lodge pan. This is the only product that allows me to cook eggs. Highly reccomended.

  • 5
    Seasoning compound

    Posted by David Baird on 17th Feb 2024

    When I was in my early 20's an old timer told me how to season cast iron. And after years of use my cast iron looked as nasty as his. Following Chris's method of cleaning and re-seasoning, what a change. I bought an extra can of compound with the chainmail and compound combo. I bought extra because I had so many pieces to do. From a fajita pan to two Dutch ovens, and every skillet in between. Yes it takes time to go through the whole process. Time well spent when you see the difference and how much easier it is to clean and maintain. Thanks Chris for all your support. I wish I'd learned this process 50 some odd years ago.

  • 5
    Best ever!

    Posted by Katy on 17th Feb 2024

    By far the best seasoning/compound on the market! Lasts a long time, and is just so easy to use! Works so well. Thank you for a great product!!

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    Wow wow wow!!!

    Posted by Alaha on 1st Feb 2024

    Ive been using cast iron skillets for a little over 4 years now and I’ve always kept them well seasoned, but let me just say, it was a pain in the butt every time! I was told to use canola oil (which I don’t even cook with lol) but they said it was amazing for cast iron so I listened. The stench that would fill my house while seasoning my skillets was UNBEARABLE. It would also smoke up excessively and the fumes would burn my eyes when I would open the oven. I heard about cast iron Chris through some random explore page post and decided to try the seasoning and maintenance compound. It arrived today, and I started seasoning my skillets immediately. I did this three times today as per his instructions on his YouTube and MY GOD!!! I am obsessed! My cast iron is as black as satans soul and looks BRAND NEW (actually, better than brand new)! Using traditional cooking oil would always leave my skillets with some sticky spots that looked and felt disgusting, but not this time! I am so impressed, glad I bought two of them and will be buying again and again and again!

  • 5
    Seasoning and Maintenance Compound

    Posted by Vincent on 24th Jan 2024

    Just got your Seasoning and Maintenance Compound the other day. Followed your steps to season a cast iron and it came out great! Works better than Crisco or vegetable oil by a mile. Would definitely recommend to anyone with cast iron. Going to use it on my bbq grill and flat top next!

  • 5
    Seasoning compound

    Posted by Linda Harris on 24th Jan 2024

    This stuff is a miracle. I’ve been using my family cast-iron skillet for 70 years, it was a mess. I cleaned it down to the original cast iron just like your YouTube videos suggested. Putting the compound on it and wiping it off, put in oven at 400 for one hour. CI looks brand new and the surface is like glass. Thank you for all your wonderful information on your Instagram page.

  • 5
    Why didn’t I get this stuff sooner?!

    Posted by Ryan Wittig on 14th Jan 2024

    I’ve used my cast iron as my primary piece of cookware on my stovetop for years, and love it to death. After getting the Seasoning and Maintenance compound from CIC and giving it a fresh seasoning with this stuff, it’s immediately obvious how superior this stuff is. Completely non-stick, all natural ingredients, simply put this stuff rocks.

  • 5

    Posted by Zoe on 12th Jan 2024

    I didn’t use seasoning for years but took meticulous care of my pan with cleaning and oiling… then I got a tin of this for Christmas. After TWO uses/applications I was honestly shocked at how nonstick the pan has become! I’m so impressed and using my cast iron for things I previously avoided bc of worrying the cleaning would be too much. It’s a great product.

  • 5
    Run, don’t walk

    Posted by Laurel on 10th Jan 2024

    I have always been in the camp of “use soap on your cast iron” and taken good care of my cast irons but could never get the surface to be nonstick (and yes, I do the water trick to make sure it’s the right temp before putting butter or oil in it) I applied the compound last night after making chicken and this morning went to make fried eggs. Voilà. My pan is nonstick (and really pretty). I was on the fence about getting it and my only regret is that I waited to buy it. Now I'm a true believer.